8399713A Japanese proverb enlightens that  ‘Vision without action is a daydream – Action without vision is a nightmare’, but how do you know what action to take to make your vision a reality?

I recently heard Richard Reed co-founder of Innocent Drinks speak at the Evening Standard Business Connections event and much of what he said resonated with me and the insights in my forthcoming book,Business Evolution.

Richard said “business is going to be tough but it is absolutely worth it, in starting a business there is a risk in walking away from a salary but it is in proportion to the rewards.” So if you are going to go into business, do it for a worthy purpose and ask yourself ‘what difference am I going to make in the world?’

Even the best businesses can flounder, Richard recount two periods when Innocent Drinks could have gone under, he said you need a ‘compelling reason for being in business’ – that is its purpose.  In my chapter on purpose I ask the question ‘what business are you in?’ and help you to answer ‘why you are in business?’ I talk about the importance of business focus, the core compelling reason why a customer comes to your business.  The purpose of business is to not only satisfy but to WOW customers. I give clarity around how you find your business purpose so you can serve your customers in your authentic way. Authenticity is essential, it is a mark of trust which is so important in our interactions with our customers, supplier, employees and all our relationships.

Every decision Southwest Airline makes is based on their purpose ‘to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel’. Your purpose and your business focus create uniqueness around what you do and why you do it and your principles like values underpin your purpose.­­

Richard stressed the importance of a purpose or mission that explains what and why you are doing what you do, ­­­ stating that it is central to the business organising belief. Innocent’s first guiding principal was to ‘make being healthy easy’.  Richard tells how Jurgen Grobler the GB Rowing Team’s Chief Coach for Men had personally coached gold medal crews in each of the past six Olympic Games from 1992, his guiding principal was to ask ‘will it make the boat go faster?’

In business we tend to over-complicate everything, what are important questions “am I making something that people want and is it aligned to my purpose?”

The ethos of my book ‘Business Evolution, Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World’ is to be global, think local and act personal. In the book you will learn to align your business personality, your purpose and your processes to your customer’s pleasure.

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