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Personal developmentI attended a Presentation workshop last week and I was struck be what is stopping me from moving my ‘inspired’ audience to take action?  I am confident about my abilities and have the business experience, qualifications and skills to back it up with a referral based business. However, I now realised that my problem was my mindset; I was doing my audience a dis-service by not laying out the benefit and opportunity to improve and grow.

Personal development is the best investment that you can make because it brings continued growth. It is said a business cannot be better than its leader.  When a business grows, the entrepreneur feels overwhelmed by the loss of control and their natural instinct is to gain control and so limits the business grow by their mindset and actions. The first responsibility as an entrepreneur is to grow through periodic but continuous personal develop.

Most professional service industries have a requirement to continuous professional development training, business entrepreneurs must recognise the need to create their own professional development programme, to continue to develop and grow themselves and their businesses. It is said that Nigel Botterill spent almost £250,000 in personal development training over five years to create eight £million businesses; I am sure Nigel would agree that it was the best investment in himself that he ever made.

The other thing that struck me as true in the Workshop I attended, is that entrepreneurs focus on their weaknesses; rather than develop their strengths further and hirer people who can fill the gaps and weaknesses in their skills.

Not all business coach/advisors have integrity or real experience of running a business and business entrepreneurs are not always clear about their objectives and the expected outcomes.  If only to save business entrepreneurs from themselves; my personal development is to recognise that I need to be more effective in communicating my integrity, the benefits and the opportunities; having motivated and conveyed enough free content to allow my audience to make a decision.

Liam Brown is a Business Coach, explains how to choose a business coach

1) Ask if there is a complimentary coaching session.

2) Look for them to give you solutions right now.

3) Beware the Master of Everything Coach.

4) Don’t Sign Contracts.

5) Ask, what their business BUILDING experience has been?

If you knew your business would struggle to grow faster than your capacity to manage it, would you invest more in your personal develop?  Be clear about the time you have set aside, the budget you have and the meaningful and measureable results you want from the personal development. It is too easy to become dependent when you are not clear of your own objectives. Do not expect an advisor to be all things to all people. The suitability of the advisor and advice this will depend on your learning style, your objective and required outcome.

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