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Networking gets us outI went to the Inspirational Women’s Super-Summit yesterday, organised by National Black Women’s Network (NBWN), held at Thomson Reuters Canary Wharf, London.

It was inspirational to hear from gutsy women who have succeeded through creating their own path in the business world. The eloquent, powerful and passionate panel of speakers consisted of Sonia Brown MBE, MBWN; Julia Fuller, VP Environment, H&S Thomson Reuters; Baroness Verma of Leicestershire; Caroline Marsh, Secret (Property) Millionaire; Maggie Berry, MD Women in Technology; Vanessa Vallely, Founder and Bev Hurley QAEP, Founder Enterprising Women CEO of YTKO.

These are the common themes and lessons that I took away:

  • Men talk themselves up and apply for positions when they meet 40% of the criteria, while women talk themselves out of opportunities only applying for positions when they meet over 90% of the criteria.
  • Whether employed or self-employed, create a passive income along with our active income, or develop multiple income sources.
  • When we make a change, embrace the change fully.
  • Create our own alternative economy, follow our own path.
  • No woman is an island.
  • Get a mentor: Stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • Many opportunities come out of a recession.
  • Stubbornness can take us a long way.
  • Stop moaning and just do it.
  • Decide today to design our own destiny.
  • Network: Opportunities outside our circle can materialise.
  • Be a mentee and a mentor – pass it on.
  • If we do not pitch for opportunities we will not be considered for them, if we do pitch we may get considered.
  • We need both men and women to make the difference.
  • It is not about overthrowing men it is about changing the culture.
  • If our boat does not come in, swim out to the boat.
  • The opinion of others is just noise.
  • Be a catalyst/voice for change.
  • Change does not make itself, we make the change. 

This was not just a networking event; the Inspirational Women’s Super-Summit was an inspirational networking event. Whether you are an entrepreneur in business or an employee; it is lonely creating our own path; but it can be lonely begin in a minority in the workplace. 

Networking gets us out of our space so we can go back with new connections and insights and a fresh perspective. Look out for the next event well done Sonia.

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