8291264The new world is seeing an increase in social conscience and a change in the way business is transacted. Crowd-funding is circumventing venture capitalist and banking as a source of start-up funding. There has been a backlash on individual greed with the forced restructure of banks and a review of their control structures. This new social consciousness is moving power away from traditional structures and towards social communities.

Business is Personal. 

Penny Power co-founder of Ecademy (now sunzu.com) helps people to be social in a business world, she talks about the importance of your social capital. I also blog about the importance of identifying and promoting your ‘Personal Business Personality’ (http://bit.ly/XSYzWx &http://bit.ly/12JhDEf  people engage when they identify similar values in you and your brand, that they see in themselves. Values are a personal identifier that you use in business.

We live in a connected world, they say if you sneeze in America, the UK catches a cold. Just think one person can record a local issue/event on a Smartphone and with one click they can influence many more people globally. Look at the role social medial played in accelerating the uprising in Egypt.

From Global Transformation towards Social Communities?

José María Álvarez-Pallete, COO of Telefónica explained ‘Living at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and believing they can make a difference. The Millennial Leaders are the 11% of those surveyed who are the most likely to drive global change through technology’. Watch video http://bit.ly/18SliGD

Penny Power supports the business benefits of the digital revolution: 

·        Digital enables us to create a thought-leadership position online

·        Digital allows us to reduce the cost of doing business

·        Digital allows us to increase our markets to exporting opportunities through building global networks and transitioning our skills and products to the online world

·        Digital allows us to give our knowledge away YET sell our expertise. http://bit.ly/12QVwAE

How to Create your Social Personal Business Personality?

A ‘Personal Business Personality’ is a means of creating a personable business brand which magnifies the character and values of the business and personality behind the business.  It is a benchmark of the values, attitude and interests that is consistently portrayed in your brand and helps your customers (potential and existing) identify with the business. 

·        Create your vision around your Purpose.

·        Write down what you stand for? Your character, value and interest or passions (personal and business).

·        Promote you vision and values on several linked social platforms

·        Identify who is interested in your vision and why?

·        How can you reach them? Select the preferred social platform based on your audience.

·        Create content that is of interest to your audience.

·        Share content and engage with your audience

·        Create partnerships of mutual interest to amplify message/vision

The more you do on the digital social platforms, the more it become habitual and the more you find shortcuts and systems to embed social sharing, the more connections/partnerships develop, the easier it is to amplify your vision. Let me know what is working for you?

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