Janice B Gordon having fun in Business with Hylle-Dorielle Onkani

2014-08-09 15.20.53On May 12, I started working with Janice B Gordon, business consultant, speaker and amazing author.

The core of my job was to manage the social media platforms, mainly Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. I also was in charge of promoting her book, Business Evolution on social media. On top of that, I had the opportunity to attend speaking engagements, workshops and events with her but also write blogs that can eventually appear on business websites or blogs.

As a third year in Communication and Marketing in Paris, France, having the opportunity to have such responsibilities in a foreign country was a challenge that I was ready to take up.

The very first week, Janice brought me in her business world thanks to business networking events and speaking engagements like the Business Show and her book signing in Leicester. I have had no choice but adapt quickly to this changing world. In few weeks I have learned more about business and marketing than in a lifetime.

From the beginning Janice gave me slowly but surely substantial tasks to do: I had to write a blog, build a PR list for speaking engagements and guest blogs while taking care of social media.

It was a lot of work and responsibilities, however Janice let me make mistakes and learn from them and then things went better with time.

Then, it was easier for me to manage the following tasks as the eBook campaign that was a huge challenge for me because I had to be able to come up with the ideas and make sure it was done well.

One of the big things that I learned during this internship is the importance of building a network. That is something that we don’t learn at school but in business it’s primordial to build relationship with people, it can open a lot of doors and you don’t know what people can bring to you and what you can bring to them.

I also saw the reality of the real life of business owners, the difficulties they face and the sacrifices they have to make everyday for their passion but also how exciting is to run a business. In all the difficulties you can find a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

Now, 3 months have passed and I feel like I gained so much skills, knowledge and confidence here than ever. This internship brought me a lot, on the professional level it allows me to implement what I’ve learned through my studies but also improve my English having to speak with businesspeople at networking event where I had the opportunity to meet a lots of great people who gave me precious advices. On a personal level to be more independent and trust myself.

To finish I would like to say that I am grateful to Janice because she really insisted on me leading the projects she gave me and trusted me in each of them. She really knew how to communicate her passion and joy and made this great experience possible. Our many discussions have been enriching because she shared to me her experience and knowledge that will be very useful for my final years of studies and my whole life. I’m sure that I’ve grown a lot and changed for better. I feel that in London people give you the opportunity to prove yourself, if they see that you are motivated they will help you. It seems less difficult here to create your business and follow your dreams. Janice helped me believe that everything is possible if you really want it and if you are willing to fight for it. Especially her book, Business Evolution helped me learn a lot about myself thanks to all the case studies.

I’m looking forward to work for Janice again and solve her problems while she solves business people ones. I can’t wait for us to laugh again and have more discussion. I wish her the best and even more success.

Hylle-Dorielle Onkani 🙂

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