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What I've learntLife is full of unforeseen circumstances which can throw you a curve ball or start a spiralling chain of events which can lead to long legal proceedings, bankruptcy and police intervention; in addition to a breakdown of relationships and feelings of betrayal and anger.  In the business school of hard knocks, all these things have happened to me. It was not my intention when I started out in business; but the fact is I was here and I had to reconcile emotional fall-out of the school of hard knocks.

I realised that I had created my own reality, I wanted to get out of the situation I had signed up for; I am responsible for thinking that I did not want to work with my business partner, my partner was happy to coast on my efforts and wave. This gave less scrupulous people opportunities.

What I have learnt is gratitude and appreciation for the goodness around me. I have more experience, humility and joy, I know it sounds crass but I have learnt more than I deserve and with this I am more self assured than ever before. As much as I realise I create my own reality, my reality can be happiness and prosperity. Here are some of my lessons:
Everything is Bigger in your Head

When a situations is difficult, we play out scenarios in our head preparing for the worst and we stress and worry about what may never happen. If you were to say it out loud or wrote it down, would it be a reasonable assumption? It is best to focus on the ‘here and now’ and not allow your mind to race ahead or dwell on the past.  My mantra is:

·         Is it in the past? – Then it is already spent!

·         Can I change it? If YES – then change it now or if not – then it is already gone!

·         Is it in the future? Then you cannot spend it yet, so leave it!

Focus your Goals

To set a context to your focus and avoid distractions, it is almost more important to write down what you do not want and what you are not willing to put up with; I find this helps me to make quick decision, as I am clear about what is not right for me.

Write down your goals, be clear about what is important to you and what makes you happy and then tell other people what you are going to achieve; do not keep it to yourself if you really want to achieve it. 

Play to your Strengths hire in your Weaknesses

It is a waste of your energy to swimming against the current; in areas that are not your strengths, only learn as much as you need to get by, your real value is in developing your strengths. Bregman agrees that we should work ‘where you add the most value to the company’ http://bit.ly/NSfl0U
Do not allow you Past to Define your Future

Marianne Williamson quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” http://bit.ly/LlJpjZ

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