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Business Evolution: Creating Growth
in a Rapidly Changing World

I wrote Business Evolution: Creating, to explain the relevant principles of the ‘Essential 4Ps’.

To thrive, in business you must align the three cornerstones of your company: You, Your Customers and Your Business:
1. You and your people (Personality and Purpose)
2. Your Customers, buyers, and investors (Pleasure)
3. Your Business processes and resources (Process)

Modern business has fundamentally changed, it is not about selling in fact selling has become a dirty word. It is about Attracting and Building business relationships, but how do you do this?

The people that are naturally attracted to you are more like you, than unlike you, and more likely to want to know, like and trust in business. The ‘Essential 4Ps’ taps into being, finding, attracting, communicating, and pleasing more ‘people like you’. In business you must magnetically attract your customers, to do this you need to magnetise our personality.

The ‘Essential 4Ps’ are your guiding business principles to gain business alignment and give your business that personality that will attract more like you.


Client Reviews


” This is a well-written, practical and humane approach to growing a business, full of practical advice and exercises as well as thought-provoking stories and examples.The 4Ps of Personality, Purpose, Pleasure and Process do a great job of encompassing the emotional and the practical sides of taking a small or micro-business to the next level. While there’s a clear structure to the approach, it’s extremely flexible. The first chapter is called Motivating Thinking into Action, which is good summary of what the book does: provoking thought, and helping you turn it into results. ”

Joanna P.


“This book captures the essence that business growth comes along with personal development and Janice has painted a rich canvas from her own business adventures to show her ability as a mentor and coach. The book is woven around her 4P model, and at the centre is the focus on customer relationship and alignment of their needs to grow the business. Only when you have finished reading would you realise that you have been on a mini-MBA excursion that has sharpened your focus and provides solutions based on your personality traits. Definitely recommended for business owners.”



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