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How to Survive Failure Like a Seasoned Professional Athlete

Failure is just a detour to success­­­. If you have not failed then you are just not trying hard enough

  • You make a mistake; that’s OK it’s part of learning what’s right for you.
  • You have a setback; that’s OK too its part of the challenge that you must overcome.
  • So why is it not OK to fail? When a muscle only grows if you work it until it fails.

Have you ever thought why failure is not an option? If you have a setback you are tapped on the back and told “go on push through, you can do it!” Then when you do not do it for whatever reason, the very same people show pity or even turn away. You must live with the shame of failing.  That shame maybe yours or the shame others feel by association, like your parents or your colleagues. You feel you’ve let them down.

Have you ever felt this way?

‘It’s no fun and it hurts.’

But you can’t avoid failure unless you avoid doing anything at all. Harvard Business Review Why You Need to Fail Peter Bregman states, “If you have a fixed mindset, you may never fail, but neither do you learn or grow.”  If you do nothing, you cannot become all you are meant and must be.

Failure is the only option if you want to succeed.

I am talking from personal experience:

  • I lost over £100k in a business but if I equate the opportunity cost (the income I would have earnt) it is nearer £500k.
  • I was made bankrupt (if there is anything that label you a failure then, this is it)
  • I lost energy and time bringing court cases too prove I was right and most importantly, I lost confidence in myself.

I really do not what this to happen to you. I was not given survival strategies, so it took me longer to fight my way back. I do not want you to think I regret the valuable lesson I learnt, I do not! I want you to build your elasticity to bounce faster, and higher when failure hits you. I have learnt the hard way and my hope is that you achieve all that you are here to and not let little detours keep you from your purposeful path. So, if failure is the only option you have better develop a strategy to not only survive it but to thrive in failure.

7 Strategies to Survive Failure and Thrive in Success

  1. Do not waste time beating yourself up, it is just your turn! You cannot change it, so suck it up! You are on your path to success and this is simply a detour to it. If you do not accept the lessons you cannot accept what is to be gained from the experience.
  2. You can feel whatever you feel (anger, hurt, grief, disappointment, relieved) – so get it out. Accept your feelings, if you do not, feeling have a bad habit of coming back to haunt you and then the feelings get confused with other situations, and you start acting unjustifiably crazy – not a good look!
  3. Throw out the broken record. I remember replaying every conversation to try and find what happened and why. Sometimes it just is. You will send yourself crazy reliving the past. People with a fixed mindset like to solve the same problems over. You can decide that you are sick of feeling horrible and tired of the same thinking pattern. If you really want your life to be more than where you are now? Get up and get on with it, because nothing will change unless you change! The point of the challenge it to set you on another course to success so, accept rather than regret the challenge.

Part 2 to be continued next week

You can watch my Facebook LIVE on this subject click here and then continue to read part 2 the remaining 4 strategies.

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