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How to be Smart in Discovering Purpose and Meaning for You and Your Tribe

Why is critical to have a mission and purpose, this gives you your direction?

Understanding your personality allows you to attract supporters who share your mission. These supporters might be called your ‘Tribe’. Creating a tribe begins by understanding who you are and what you are here to do? You do not need to know the entire journey just reason for your direction and the next step and then that step opens the next.

My book, Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World explains the guiding principles of the ‘Essential 4Ps’ these principles help you to find your authentic path.

Why Personality?

 Personality is when people not only follow you but feel compelled to support you because they like and see you as you truly are. Do you the know film Avatar when the Na’vi princess says “Oel ngati kame” which is the greeting ‘I See you’ in Na’vi language. There are other African tribes that use this greeting ‘I see you’ in their language, and the response is ‘I am here’. Other people are only able to see you as you truly are if you are aligned to and embracing of your uniqueness and difference. Personality get you aligned to your essential self so you can put this into everything your do and say.

  • Personality is so much more than personal branding (skills and expertise), they say personal branding is being remembered when you are not in the room, although this is nice. Personality is the unique you, it is how you deliver your skills and expertise through your perception of the world and it is your clear message that is so compelling, that it resonates with your tribe, that they want to support you and recommend you when you are not in the room.
  • It is understanding who you are, what you stand for and your core values and it is embracing why and how you are unique and different.
    • Putting your personality into your business and work makes you globally recognisable to your tribe.

Why Purpose?

I believe we are all unique and different so we all have a purpose. Your purpose is not a destination to be won, it is your path in life. Knowing the path that is right for you is a process of self-discovery, working towards your purpose sets you in a direction. You may not end up where you thought, with self-discovery you with be enlightened on your personal path. Realising that you have everything you need deep within, you can find the right direction in your life and your work.

Purpose is:

  • Discovering your reason why?
    • Understanding why you are here, what compels you and what is your mission?
    • Finding what you can do that no one else can do in the way you do it?
    • What unique difference you are gifted to execute your mission and purpose?

 Why Pleasure?

Do what gives you pleasure and soon enough you will find more people who get pleasure from what you do. Pleasure is finding what pleases your customers, supporters and followers, the people who get what you do. You will have to communicate your mission in a language that your tribe understands and engages with. If you are to continue giving and receiving pleasure.

Pleasure is:

  • Understanding your tribe of people that get your personality and your mission.
    • Understanding the language that your tribe speaks, their wants, needs and desires?
    • Identifying the values you share with your tribe.
    • Crafting a message that resonates with your tribe of follower, fans, customers and advocates.

 Why Process?

Research by American Express found that 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. So, what is the model, system and process that will deliver a consistent experience to your customers and followers. Start with your purpose, your customers want and desires and revise engineer the process.

Process is:

  • Understanding what is an excellent experience or WOW for your tribe.
    • How to create the WOW for your tribe of customers?
    • What is the business model for delivering your customers WOW?
    • What is the process designed around delivering your mission consistently?

Business Evolution will help you to align you to your authentic mission, engage your tribe and fulfil your purpose.
Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World is available on Amazon



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