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12 Ways to Building as a Sales Process with Social Selling

In this digital age, social media marketing has become indispensable for many businesses in competitive markets creating brand awareness. When it comes to building relationships, brand recognition is a prerequisite for attracting customers. Social media can effectively build brand awareness. Social selling is leveraging these digital networks to create and nurture relationships that enhance your sales efforts. It is about building relationships and establishing the trust that enables your company to sell ideas, establish credibility,... Read More

10 Powerful Reasons to Unlock the Power of Purpose and Transform your Sales Culture

“Sales is not a department it is an outcome of all the departments, all functions, all teams and individuals.” Research shows that low engagement across organisations has a significant adverse impact on productivity and satisfaction within the organisation and influences the customer experience and outcomes. Added to the global volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguousness (VUCA) has resulted in profound disengagement and poor trust in internal and external relationships. The tendency for leader’s under-pressure from stakeholders and... Read More

How Your Compensation Plan is Demotivating Your Sales

What demotivates sales reps? Money! Sure, you might think money is the very thing that motivates sales reps! Let me explain. Sales reps are not all cut from the same cloth. Like buyers, they have different preferences, communication styles and personalities. So why is it that I still see compensation plans that reward only revenue results? Do not treat all sales reps as one person, when their motivation and drivers are personal and individual! No... Read More