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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Female Sales professionals

I would not go so far as to say that women are better sales professionals, but I do think the times have changed to favour the talents that more women naturally possess. This week, 8th March is International Women Day, I thought it a good opportunity to look at whether my assertion has any basis for belief. Unprecedented revelations have come to light as many accusers line up against Harvey Weinstein, and others, the time... Read More

How to Build Valued B2B Relationships During the Sales Process

How did I help one company grow their sales by £6million in less than 1 year? I stopped the global senior sales team selling another bog-standard product and helped them to understand: the buying unit and how the buying process has changed how the buyers’ organisational culture and business strategy effects the macro and micro environmental pressures and effects. All these characters are essential in creating a valued proposition that sales itself. This resulted in... Read More

Scale Your Sales: Build Your Professional Relationships into Social Strategic Partnerships

The world has evolved; created by challenges in the global economic environment and the advances in technology. Sales leaders must now overcome three pressing problems: Unmotivated sales reps. Under-performance of sales teams. Lack of access to decision-makers. The Reasons Why B2B Sales Must Adapt 90% of decision makers will not answer cold contacts but 80% of contacts in LinkedIn are open to new opportunities. 57% of buyers are in the decision-making process before reaching out... Read More