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4 Essential Steps to Move Your Company to Become Outside-In Customer-Centric Just Like Amazon

  It is interesting that Steve Jobs demonstrated Inside-Out thinking when he said, “It’s no use asking the customer, they don’t know what they want!” This all very well when you have the most talented futurist, designers and engineers to call on, most companies do not have this luxury. Traditionally companies would create a product and marketing would create a market demand for the product and then sales would sell it to the market. It... Read More

4 Ways to Create a Customer Experiences Your Customers Will Want

  A survey conducted in 2015 by Forrester of business leaders ranked “improving customer experience” a higher priority than “growing revenue”. This ranking does not surprise me.  It is amazing what you can learn when you get out of your own head and space and view the world from your customers perspective. I have worked with companies that have experienced and attitudinal shift from quite literally from walking in their customers shoes. The customer gained... Read More

7 Powerful Steps to Create and Implement a Social Selling Program

Buyers have more power in today’s world, thanks to the Internet and the rise of social media networks. As a result, their habits have changed because they can do more research online before interacting with a sales professional. Google’s Zero Moment of Truth study shows that consumers digest more than 10 pieces of online information before making a purchase decision. According to the Sales Management Association, two in three companies don’t have a social media strategy for... Read More

What Are The 3 Big Opportunities Lost in Not Volunteering Your Business Skills?

A fellow volunteer said to me that she really enjoyed working with me that it has been so much fun.  What was incredible, volunteer went on to say, that this experience has restored her faith in human nature, “it is hard to be positive with all the terrible things that happen, but everyone is so friendly and appreciative and polite.” I was finishing my last shift volunteering on the Para Athletic World Championships as a... Read More

Why Transparent Leaders are the New Goliaths!

  People have grown tired of surprises and want to exist in a transparent world. Command and control no longer works – the internet, Google, Wikipedia and hackers have all blown open the systems to impose control over information. Leadership without trust is not sustainable and trust cannot exist without transparency of information. Let’s just reflect on the role of leaders, whether you’re a business leader, an elected MP or councillor or an officer such... Read More

7 Ways to Overcome Failure and Use it to Your Advantage

  John Maxwell states in How to become a successful failure, “to expect failure, to prepare for it, to be ready to turn it into a lesson and a stepping-stone to success. There is such a thing as a successful failure”. Last week I talked you through three of the seven strategies to survive failure and thrive in success, here are the remaining four strategies to help you treat failure is just a detour to your... Read More