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5 Simple Ways to Make Every Customer Experience ‘WOW’!

An unexpected package delivered by courier, I was shocked and surprised because it was an unexpected gift. In The pursuit of wow Tom Peters describes What is “Wow!”? ‘Wow!’ is excitement that makes you and your company stand out from the crowd.” The book was my first introduction to the concept of ‘WOWing’ your customers. We are all customers whether employees, suppliers, customers stakeholders or fans. Customers are people you must engage, build a trusted... Read More

How to be Smart in Discovering Purpose and Meaning for You and Your Tribe

Why is critical to have a mission and purpose, this gives you your direction? Understanding your personality allows you to attract supporters who share your mission. These supporters might be called your ‘Tribe’. Creating a tribe begins by understanding who you are and what you are here to do? You do not need to know the entire journey just reason for your direction and the next step and then that step opens the next. My book,... Read More

How to Succeed in Your Business With a Ninja Mindset

  I would like to take issue with the word micro business, I know it is a government definition, less than 10 employees and turnover under £2 million, however, it has created a mindset of thinking small. After all, all large companies start small, the difference is that they do not think small! According to House of Commons Business Statistics, there were 5.4 million SMEs in the UK in 2016, over 99% of all businesses,... Read More

The Two Most Important Things to Remember to Stop Your Overthinking

Stop overthinking it! You worry about what may never happen. You stress over what cannot be even through you really want it. You anticipate problems that do not exist yet. You spend money before you have earnt it even mentally – you can admit it I will not tell. You think of and prepare for all the what-ifs. After you have done all this, spent all your energy you either procrastinate the action or stress... Read More

Customers’ Trust Not What You Say But What You Do!

Building trust does not happen in a vacuum, it is based on both offline and online customer experience, every communication and every interaction. You must consistently deliver on your promises over time putting your customer first. Only then will you become the go-to trusted provider in your niche. With social media, the go-to customer complaints tool, if you get it wrong, bad customer experiences are shared and amplified to influence hundreds of your potential customers.... Read More

The Only Shortcut to Success is Focus

Money does not equate to lifestyle, however, designing the life you want will create your personal purposeful success path. I was asked in a Facebook forum “What do you do in your life that enable this lifestyle (I decamp to work and live in a warmer climate in December and January annually?) My answer to this question was ‘I decide on the life I want, fix the dates and then make it happen’. To have... Read More