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4 Surprisingly Simple Behaviours That Will Earn Valued Loyal Relationships

You can encourage and measure customer loyalty with this one question. Assessing your customers likelihood of recommending your product is a great starting point for growing your customer relationships.  Research states that the likelihood of recommending is correlated to revenue growth. This question will help you to identify the customers who love your company or products the most, and those customers who do not. Then you will be able to segment your passive fans and... Read More

4 Ways Your Customers Critically Improve Your Product Innovation

Innocent drinks started in 1999 after selling smoothies at a music festival. They put up a big sign asking customers if they thought they should give up their jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying ‘Yes’ and another saying ‘No’ in front of the stall. They got customer to vote with their empties and the rest is history. This is a fitting example of customers at the centre of product innovation and a... Read More

7 Powerful Ways to Improve Customer Retention and Build Profitable Relationships

Although you know it is better to keep your customers than to find new ones, sales teams are still rewarded more for new relationships than existing and companies still invest more in gaining new than keeping existing customers. I beat if you checked your own business model you would see just how much is invested in new rather than existing customer relationships.  I am going to show you how to invest more of your time,... Read More

5 Ways to Get Inside Your Customers Head

I know Steve Jobs did not think that customers know what they wanted but there are ways of gathering customer intelligence which, is much better that continuing to assume you know best! In previous articles I have talked about how customer-centricity is critical for business survival and success and the focus being how you understand what it is that your customers really want from you. IBM’s 2016 global C-suite study identified two critical changes: •... Read More

The 11 Essential Steps to Customer Delight

Customer-centricity is based on the idea that businesses must transform and engage to a model that is built on the needs and desires of the people they serve. Customers are no longer loyal to companies, brands, product or services, they are loyal to the best customer experience they consistently receive. Products and service alone will not develop relationships with customers and you cannot get away from the fact people like people interaction. The challenge is... Read More

4 Powerful Characteristics of Agile Customer-Centric Processes

Most smaller businesses do not realise that they can have a business that is agile, too often, these businesses have structured their business operations on what they understand of larger company structures. You can rapidly adapt or change practices and differentiate customer experiences. You can build deeper relationships, create loyal customers and deliver personalised superior customer service. But only if your processes are built around your customer. So, what do I mean by this? In... Read More